The Balance Bar is an ideal low impact activity to help improve your ability to balance and control your core body movement.


  • Low-impact.
  • Practice balance and core stability.
  • Build stamina and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Develops upper and lower body coordination.


  1. Stretch and Warm-up for 5 minutes prior to any exercise.
  2. Step up on to the balance bar one foot at a time.
  3. Begin walking across the bar and try to keep your balance without stepping off.
  4. Maintain a slow and steady pace. Keep your back straight and focus on looking forwards.
  5. Hold your arms out either side of your body and use them as counter-weights if you feel unsteady.
  6. Stretch appropriate muscles to ensure recovery to resting position and prevent soreness.
  7. Maintain steady pace for 20-30 minutes for ideal aerobic exercise.

Age Range: 12 Yrs old and up (Children should be supervised by an adult).