We want to assure you that we are part of your community playground long after the sale is made. Our quality is legendary, and we stand behind our products with one of the best warranties in the business and a level of customer service that assures you that your needs will be met. For complete Warranty information, consult Imagination Play.

For the purpose of this warranty, “lifetime” encompasses no specific term of years, but rather that seller warrants to its original customer for as long as the original customer owns the product and uses the product for its intended purpose that the product and all its parts will be free from defects in material and manufacturing workmanship.

  • Lifetime limited warranty on PowerScape®, PrimeTime® and Xscape® uprights.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on all hardware.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on GameTime PowerScape Tru-Loc® connections.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on PrimeTime® and Xscape® bolt-through connections.
  • Fifteen-Year limited warranty on metal decks, pipes, rungs, rails and loops.
  • Fifteen-Year limited warranty on rotationally molded products.
  • Five-Year limited warranty on glass fiber reinforced concrete structures.
  • Twenty-Year limited warranty on Timber Decor® & Timbers recycled plastic lumber.
  • Five-Year limited warranty on nylon-covered cable net climbers and components.
  • Ten-Year limited warranty on pressure-treated pine and redwood products.
  • Ten-Year limited warranty on Advanced, Elite & stationary Base Series posts & bars.
  • Ten-Year limited warranty on site furnishings.
  • Ten-Year limited warranty on fiberglass and DHPL signage.
  • Three-Year limited warranty on SaddleMates® rubber and “C”-springs.
  • One-Year limited warranty on all other GameTime products.

All warranties specifically exclude damage caused by vandalism; negligence, improper installation or improper use; changes in appearance resulting from weathering; scratches, dents or marring as a result of use. Warranties are valid only if products are installed and maintained in accordance with GameTime instructions and use approved parts.



First 12 Months – free freight with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

After 12 Months – freight chargeable with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

Warranty only applies if products have been installed and maintained correctly.

No coverage for wear and tear, accidents, aesthetic issues or vandalism.