The Hip Swing is an ideal activity for a core and hip work-out. Using your weight to be the resistance to strengthen muscle groups in the abs, obliques and hips.


  • Low-impact.
  • Build strength and tone muscles in your core and hips
  • Ability to increase core development with degree of abdominal engagement and build strength in hip flexors.
  • Build stamina and cardiovascular fitness.


  1. Stretch and Warm-up for 5 minutes prior to any exercise.
  2. Place feet into foot-pads and stand facing frame. Keep legs slightly bent (do not lock knees) grip handles.
  3. Begin by holding handles and using your abdominal muscles, swing legs in a side-to-side motion.
  4. Maintain a smooth and even-paced motion.
  5. Use correct posture with shoulders back, head and chin up, and tighten your abdominal muscles. Look forward, not down.
  6. Remember to breath in at a smooth rate.
  7. Bring swing to a stop before exiting.
  8. Stretch appropriate muscles to ensure recovery to resting position and prevent soreness.

Age Range: 12 Yrs old and up (Children should be supervised by an adult).