The Monkey Bars are an ideal activity to build strength in arms, lat, core and grip strength.



  1. Stretch and Warm-up for 5 minutes prior to any exercise.
  2. Stand facing frame, reach up and grasp handle.
  3. Grasp handle with both hands and lift your entire body off ground by lifting your knees up. Look forward, not down.
  4. With one hand grasping firmly on one bar, let the other hand go and reach for the next one. Do this while keeping your entire body off the ground.
  5. Continue the same action by alternating hands each time. You may skip a bar or two if you are able. Swinging your body back and forth creating momentum will also make the exercise easier.
  6. Slowly and steadily make your way across until you reach the other side. Remember to breathe during the course of the workout.
  7. Stretch appropriate muscles to ensure recovery to resting position and prevent soreness.