Remove risk from playgrounds?

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An excellent article in this morning’s Age on managing risk in playgrounds

“We know that children doing more risk-taking play have a higher self-confidence … risky play can have an anti-phobic effect. Psychologically it can make you more robust, more resilient,”

“I don’t want to go to the adventure playground any more. Because it’s not an adventure. It’s boring,” says my eldest daughter, who just turned 12.

Read more below from The Age.

A wonderland comes to Australia

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Rabbit Hole Playcentre, situated in Braybrook, Victoria, is designed to be a wonderland for children to explore the imagination of each child as they visit the different “lands” throughout the playspace.

The range of unique theme lands to investigate encourage the children to engaging in play, socialisation and imagination.

The playcentre consists of a six-metre-high Space World for the children to challenge themselves in a world where they can blast off to the stars. They will participate in an exciting space adventure as they scramble through tunnels and uneven platforms, going higher and higher up the multiple-level structure.

The Moonwalk is designed with colourful spongy rubber mounds that allow the children to feel as though they are walking through zero gravity, so that they can explore space and the wonders of the universe.

The Enchanted Forest will mesmerise the children as they run through the rainforest, dodging the tall grass pommels, or climbing the treetops from tree pod to tree pod.

In Babylon children are sent into a mystical tower where they have the choice to speed down a large clear tube slide or visit the connecting Enchanted Forest tree tops.

The kids can visit the Funfair area, an illuminated brightly-coloured circus tent where they can be entertained by live performers or test out their cooking skills and learn new recipes in The Bakehaus kitchen.

The Sea World consists of three giant beach huts with interconnecting multiple ramps and slides of different varieties.

The children can also challenge themselves by climbing the impressive rock wall, fitted with belay systems to ensure the children’s safety. Or they can choose to climb through the rabbit holes and slide into their allocated party room.

Rabbit Hole Playcentre has an area to suit all ages and abilities, even including toddlers who can play in the pirate ship positioned in the middle of the playcentre. The ship even has a rope climber for the children to climb onboard. Surrounding the ship is Australia’s largest ball pit that is designed to mimic the effect of water. The toddler area also has a large hot air balloon structure, inspired by the Disney movie, Up. The children can imagine flying high in the sky while looking up at the balloon above their heads which is filled with thousands of vibrant coloured blow up balls.

The vibrant colours add enchantment and excitement, and stimulate the bodies and minds of the kids. The floor of the Playcentre is covered by brightly decorated rubber wetpour, Flecks® first rubber wetpour job in Australia. Flecks® is a fantastic surface for children’s playcentres and high traffic areas as it is  slip-resistant and wheelchair accessible. Flecks®has a low acoustic level, reducing the noise of large groups of children and has excellent resistance to soiling and staining. It is easy to clean and remove sticky substances without affecting the surface finish. Flecks® comes in a variety of colours and can be poured in irregular shapes. It does not contain any harmful ingredients that could affect the children and the environment and includes anti-microbials in both urethane binder and rubber granular to prevent bacteria growth.

Imagination Play consider the Rabbit Hole Playcentre their greatest success to date. From the bright colours, exciting themed “lands”, high safety rating, and innovative design, this playspace is one that ensures every child will play with their imagination.


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Imagination Play have gone through the entire tender process and have been selected as a supplier to Local Governement under the Local Government Procurement Contract.

Our customers in NSW can now save time by not having to go to tender and rebates are available for purchases made under the contract.

The Local Government Procurement (LGP) represents the needs of councils in NSW with suppliers such as Imagination Play with tendering and contract support.

We are proud to be a part of LGP and look forward to servicing councils further throughout NSW.

Is this the most Aussie playground?

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Is this the most Aussie playground you have ever seen?

We have just finished one of our most exciting and unique indoor play centres at Funtopia in Maribyrnong, Vic.

Check out the images below. Australiana theming with some iconic places such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, Melbourne tram, outback rock climbing area and a Great Barrier Reef fun ball battle zone.

Not to mention the most craziest rock walls you have ever seen.

The top mezzanine level has even more exciting adventures but we can’t show you them just until the grand opening soon!

Perfectly designed for all ages and abilities so check it out!

Full on Fun at Supatramp

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Supatramp Wodonga is now open!

We are proud to have completed the latest entertainment centre for Supatramp.

More than just a trampoline centre, It’s indoor kids entertainment that is full on fun!

Come and visit them at 5/2 Romet Rd, West Wodonga!


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Australia’s first Legoland Discovery Centre

We are proud to be a part of the team in the construction of Australia’s first Legoland!

Check out our Lego playground below and feel free to see it yourself at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

Legoland discovery centre playground in Australia

What is inclusive Play?

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What is inclusive Play?

Let’s look at the definition of inclusive play: Children of different abilities are able to play together.
To be truly inclusive, playground equipment needs to have challenges on different levels.



1. Not suitable for impaired children.

2. Only suitable for impaired children (a wheelchair swing is not inclusive)
Not-inclusive products for handicapped children have a place (schools, therapy) but in public areas inclusive Play equipment is preferable.



New 2017-18 Rope catalogue

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The new Rope Series catalogue comprises of the worlds highest quality rope equipment. From 15m high net towers to rope races and everything in between! Fully customisable to suit any open space project you desire.

Click on the link below to download your copy today!



BIG rope tower

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WOW, take a look at our latest BIG rope tower installed at Boronia K-12 College.

The kids are in for a massive surprise when they come back next week!

For more rope playground structures click on the below link


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At Imagination Play we encourage children of all abilities to spend more time playing outside and to use their imaginations in play.

That’s why we believe Nature Play to be one of the most beneficial types of play for all children.

Nature play inspires children’s creativity, socialising and above all, learning!

Contact us today and see what type of creative Nature or Water Play environment we can create for you!

To see some of our Nature Play Equipment range, CLICK HERE.