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Challenge Course Pro equipment configurations are designed for users ages 13+ and include obstacles and activities that promote a well-rounded fitness routine. Each of these models are designed to enhance a user’s speed and agility, as well as aerobic and muscle fitness, balance and flexibility. Choose the model that fits your available space, and then select options like timing systems or a 50 metre dash to create the perfect fitness destination for your community to accept the challenge!

challenge course pro series




Challenge Course Fitness Equipment Youth

Challenge Course Youth is perfect for schools or other youth organizations. We’ve scaled the size of the obstacles to be developmentally appropriate for children ages 5-12 and created three  configurations that keep children moving and having fun while they get fit. Choose the model that fits your available space, and create opportunities for children to start their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.











Make Fitness Fun for Older Children

As children grow older, they sometimes lose interest in traditional playground equipment. If these children aren’t involved with organized sports, they can easily settle into a sedentary lifestyle, putting them at risk for obesity-related illnesses like Type II diabetes. Challenge Course Youth features the same great obstacles as the Pro version and is compliant with playground equipment safety standards for children ages 5-12 — making it a perfect complement to a school playground.

 Challenge Course Fitness Equipment Overview

Challenge Course is Imagination Play’s exclusive response to the fastest-growing segment of outdoor recreation in the Australian Market: challenge and obstacle racing equipment. Designed to engage children and families, together, it is a perfect way to encourage multi-generational fitness and recreation. Available in Pro configurations for parks and open spaces to appeal to older children and adults (ages 13+) and in school-friendly Youth configurations that are compliant with standards for playground equipment, Challenge Course is an outdoor fitness destination that connects people of all ages and backgrounds to socialize with their family and friends while getting more fit.

Societal benefits of the Challenge Course Fitness Equipment

Challenge Course equipment is a multi-generational outdoor fitness equipment solution with the primary objective of helping to reverse today’s growing obesity epidemic by encouraging super-fun active physical participation. The courses are carefully designed to provide a diverse range of fanatical movement between obstacles in a personal race with time. No matter what the age, from eight to eighty, participants are passionately keyed-up to beat their previous time or the time of a fellow competitor, leaving a memorable experience with each course visit. Participants not only observe personal health benefits while enhancing their cognitive development, but with team participation, they further social skills. The Challenge Course brings communities together by providing a competitive and playful experience to all participants or those who chose to cheer on their new friends.

What’s the 30-second elevator speech?

Major obesity epidemic in the country – kids are not getting enough exercise.
We are leveraging the biggest outdoor fitness trend in Australia. Our challenge course encourages the every day athlete to get out and compete and have a great time with their friends and family.
The product is cool and exciting for kids of all ages and abilities levels to participate – it is the answer to the age 8-80 solution we have been looking for – encourages socialization and interaction across age groups.

Hits on our competitiveness at the right level – kids want to beat their time – so they will come back and use the equipment over and over again. MEET. COMPETE. REPEAT.

Does Challenge Course Fitness Equipment need to be supervised to insure safety of all users?

The challenge course equipment was designed for park environments that do not require supervision.

Is all the hardware tamper proof and stainless steel?

Yes, In accordance with equipment specification Challenge Course hardware is tamper proof & stainless steel.

The Challenge Course Fitness Equipment system designs – 3000, 4000 and 5000 series

Through the use of pre-configured equipment designs – each course is strategically designed to maximise the user experience and exercise benefits – the Pro and Youth models each have three configurations. In addition Challenge Course will feature a web app that integrates with the preconfigured courses. Through strategic design we have also reduced the distance between events and therefore reduced the overall surfacing and installation costs.

Will there be instructions for the equipment?

The course was developed with an intuitive “Start” and “Finish” course layout. Through our beta testing user groups used the equipment without instructions.
Yes, individual instructions will be provided through:

  • Course layout including a brief description of each product – included with every order and installed next to the course starting line.
  • The Challenge Course App will feature usage videos – and provide instructions for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of activity. (App currently in development)

Because Challenge Course is designed to be used as a continuously run obstacle course signage will not be on each piece of equipment instead instructional information for how to use each challenge will be shown on the welcome sign at the beginning of the course

Can the challenge Course Fitness Equipmentbe installed as a community build?

Yes, All Challenge Course equipment with the exception of timing elements can be installed as part of a community build.

Are conflicts between children playing on equipment and people wanting to run the course anticipated?

We acknowledge the playful nature of children. However over the past year of development, we have observed both children and adults run the Challenge Course with one consistent primary objective: Beat their last time! We do not anticipate conflicts between children playing on the equipment and people running the course. The intuitive design of the equipment causes participants to run from event to event and there are no “gathering spots” designed into the equipment.

How will people with disabilities benefit and use the product?

The majority of persons with disabilities have issues with cognition and this majority of users with a disability will benefit tremendously from the neurogenesis (brain development) that occurs as a result of their playful physical activity. Persons with physical disabilities will benefit on a personal level by participation in various events that are appropriate for their ability which may include rolling through the course.

Challenge Course Fitness Equipment Timing

The Challenge Course timing system utilizes a start & stop “plunger” design. The Challenge Course timing system contains (1) Start Button, (1) Stop Button, (1) Start Post, (1) Stop Post & (1) Scoreboard.

To begin press and hold the start button to activate the timer and lights will appear on the scoreboard then advance from red, to yellow, to green. When the light turns green, release the start button and start running the course! The timer will start automatically. When you complete the course, press the finish button to stop the timer and display your challenge course time on the scoreboard.

o Note: There is a 10-minute time limit for the challenge course.
o To reset the timing system press and hold the start button

What are the requirements for providing power to the scoreboards and who coordinates this?

The timing systems are designed to be plug & play. All packages are accompanied with pre-configured wire lengths to ensure no splicing procedures are need. As part of the installation process conduit will need to be supplied by the installation crew in accordance with local codes and specifications. Can the timing devices be solar powered?




Floating Boards


 Half Rounds


Ninja Steps

Vault Boards


Agility Trainer




Floating Boards (YOUTH)


Ninja Steps (YOUTH)


Sway Steps (YOUTH)


Traverse Wall (YOUTH)


 Traverse Wall



U Turn Ramp


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