Durable and quiet sports equipment!

The Citybox is incredibly popular with the youth. You can play a friendly game of soccer or basketball in it. It’s not only the local youngsters who really enjoy using the Citybox. Schools in the neighbourhood use it for their sports days and PE lessons.

IJslander has patented the steel cables that ensure that the Cityboxes and Backstops are very quiet. Due to the innovative construction they have a longer life, are vandal-proof and sustain minimal wear and tear.

The flexibility of the cables is made possible by an inventive assembly. The cable is strung between the tubes with two push springs, one at the top and one at the bottom. The push springs are concealed within the tubes, where it is protected from weather and vandal influence. The spring is specially constructed for long and high frequency use of heavy load. Several construction models are protected by a patent, therefore IJslander is the only supplier of this production. The Backstop and Citybox do not invite vandalism because of the transparent design.

There is not enough surface for graffiti and the cables are slippery and vertically placed therefore hard to climb. The cables are too flexible to break and cannot deform easily. The entire construction is made of stainless steel hence the longer life. Every cable is handmade as are all the products IJslander produces. This ensures the expected high quality and service.

When a cable does malfunction, it can simply be replaced without having to deconstruct the entire fence. This saves material, labour and therefore costs. The creation of the Citybox is the result of an innovative process. IJslander listens carefully to the wishes of the youth, government and the city councils in order to come up with a product that
meets these wishes each and every time.




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NAME: Citybox sports equipment

‘Durable and quiet stainless steel equipment’

DESCRIPTION: The Citybox is incredibly popular with the youth. You can play a friendly game of soccer or basketball in it. It’s not only the local youngsters who really enjoy using the Citybox. Schools in the neighbourhood use it for their sports days and PE lessons.







Citybox 1

Street sports is a growing trend in Australia; more and more young people are finding ways to play football, soccer and basketball in towns and cities. Whether they’re having a small kick-about with friends or playing an exciting basketball match, young people need a safe place to play. To limit any nuisance to the neighbourhood, IJslander has developed a unique stainless steel sports cage: the Citybox. Our sports cage offers many benefits. One benefit is the transparent design which uses thin cables and bars. Because of this, lines of sight remain open, and the Citybox blends seamlessly into any environment. The transparent design ensures that the views of local residents are not negatively affected.

Citybox 2

The concept for a new residential area, city square or park is elaborated, and the designer searches for a sports cage that fits perfectly within their design. The Citybox by IJslander is an excellent choice. Our stainless steel sports cage can be manufactured to your own custom specification. For instance, the designer can decide on the shape (round, rectangular, oval), size, colour, appearance (shape of the vertical elements, etc.) and surface. Our team of engineers will then transform your stylish concept into your unique Citybox.

citybox 3

There’s nothing more annoying that a sports cage where the ball thuds and rattles against the fencing. Or where the noise is made worse by the reverberations of the materials. As noise is considered the greatest source of annoyance in neighbourhoods, IJslander has identified the wishes of users, local residents and local authorities; and based on these wishes, we have developed the low-noise Citybox. Our Citybox uses special cables which absorb the energy of the ball and dissipate it through the rest of the construction to reduce noise.

Low Noise

Citybox 4

Vandalised sports equipment in public spaces is a nightmare for local authorities, residents and its users. It runs down the neighbourhood, kids can no longer play sports, an activity area becomes a hangout, and it becomes an expensive cost item for owners. The transparent design of the Citybox does not invite vandalism because the thin, vertical cables mean vandals cannot climb it and there is no surface for graffiti. What’s more, the cables are too flexible to break or bend.

Citybox 5

More and more local authorities and other owners of public spaces are having to find cost savings in their maintenance budgets. This is something that IJslander has taken into account during the design process of the transparent, low-noise, vandal-resistant Citybox. Each cable in our sports cage is hand-made and of high quality. In the event that a cable becomes defective, it can easily be replaced on site without having to dismantle the entire construction. Stainless steel is also a durable material, making the Citybox resilient to all weather types, so that it continues to look good throughout its long life.

Citybox 6

The combination of durable stainless steel and a thorough production process means that Imagination Play installations are of high quality and have a long lifespan. We regularly test our products to ensure this remains the case and to make improvements. We do this with the Citybox cables too. The speed and the weight of a ball hitting the cables is simulated using a pneumatic hammer linked to a computer and timer. On first testing, the cable failed after what we perceived to be too short a time. The cables were redesigned and are now strong enough to last for years.

Citybox 7

The use of durable stainless steel makes the Citybox sustainable, but IJslander also operates as a sustainable business. Our engineers only develop products that can be dismantled and recycled. The benefit of this is that all materials are recyclable and parts can be replaced on site rather than the entire installation. This is also true of the Citybox cables, which can be replaced individually. IJslander also uses as much recycled steel as possible. This leads to energy savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.