A message from Director, Mark Batty

Playgrounds have changed quite a bit since I entered the business in 1993. What hasn’t changed is the importance of providing children with a place to use their imaginations, build relationships and take part in physical activity in a fun environment.

Imaginationplay is committed to enhancing the lives of children everywhere through play. Our unique philosophy maximises the playground experience and minimises cost by refining the process.

At Imagination Play we think in 3D:
Direction, Design, Delivery.


Direction: Our playground equipment is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of children of all ages. In addition, our support and sales staff are required to have an extensive background in education, many are retired teachers and principals who have the passion to help children and understand the process needed to make these playgrounds happen. We aim to furnish the best possible playground equipment while smoothly facilitating the process from the first phone call to final installation.

Design: Our manufacturer utilises advanced 3D engineering & modelling software to bring concepts to life. They carefully construct designs to target specific development needs of children in order to foster growth and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, we focus on safety. Our manufacturer scrutinises every joint and platform to ensure fun and eliminate risk.

Delivery: Our playgrounds come straight from the factory. One crate reduces shipping and a uniform production. Our process gives your children the best possible design at prices that can suit any school board or parent-teacher association. Efficient installation and doorstep delivery is the fast-track to fun.

I know Imagination Play is the best choice for your next playground equipment. I, on behalf of my entire staff, invite you to see for yourself.


Mark Batty
DIRECTOR, Imagination Play.