Imagination Play are the exclusive suppliers of the original patented Expression Swing in Australia and Oceania.

It is very disappointing that other companies have misrepresented our product as we have spent a lot of time and effort introducing this swing into the Australian market and ensuring it complies with current Australian Standards.

Already one company has breached copyright patents on this product and have been advertising to the public showing our exclusive images and YouTube videos.

This company has been contacted by our partner, the manufacturer GameTime, a division of Playcore in America. This has resulted in legal action with them being forced to remove the product from sale. This process of retracting the inferior product and recalling all products sold is currently in action.

We are aware that GameTime, one of the largest playground manufacturers in the world have commenced investigation into another copy Expression Swing supplier in Australia which will no doubt trigger the same withdrawal of these swings which breaches their patents.

Gametime’s design of the Expression Swing is fully compliant to the Australian Standards. We have worked hard to introduce this into Australia but we must advise everyone to be beware of inferior products that are hitting the Australian market.

The Gametime Expression Swing is truly a wonderful product that took years of research and development with experts in the field of play such as Dr Stuart Brown MD.

We are proud to bring such an innovative product to our market for all Australians to enjoy!


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