IJslander, a partner in playground equipment


In addition to the long life of IJslander playground equipment, you can also expect a good service and guarantee:


20 years

On construction faults in the main structural elements: this includes standards or play elements, of which the welds or other components become loose without any immediate cause;


10 years

On structural elements of the playground equipment, with the exception of vandalism;


3 years

On moving parts and/or parts liable to wear, such as nets and bearing constructions.



Vandalism and damage

The guarantee is only valid if the products have been installed according to the written instructions of IJslander and have been maintained in the correct manner. The guarantee does not apply to any discoloration or superficial damage, nor to any cosmetic damage. Damage as result of incorrect use and vandalism is also not included under the guarantee. When placed near the coast, you should take account of the necessary extra maintenance in order to prevent corrosion. IJslander will be happy to inform you further on the possibilities for this.


The warranty period applies from the date of purchase by the first customer. The warranty applies to IJslander products for each type mentioned above and is limited to replacement of defective parts, without charge, at IJslanders discretion. The warranty covers only defects in materials.



  1. No guarantee is given when defects are the result of:
  • normal wear and tear;
  • improper use;
  • lack of proper maintenance;
  • fitting, assembly, alterations or repairs by the Client or by third parties.
  1. No guarantee is given for delivered objects that were not new when they were delivered of for objects whose use the Client prescribed or that were provided by or on behalf of the Client.
  2. No guarantee is given on inspections of and/or repairs to objects belonging to the Client.



Warranty repairs shall only be carried out by IJslander. Repair work carried out by others shall not be covered by the warranty. This warranty should be read in conjunction with the Metaalunie Conditions. Please refer to the manufacturer’s specification for clarification.



First 12 Months – free freight with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

After 12 Months – freight chargeable with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

Warranty only applies if products have been installed and maintained correctly.

No coverage for wear and tear, accidents, aesthetic issues or vandalism.