Electric Mini Cars Coin Operated Mini Cars and Go Karts

Imagination Play’s electric mini cars and coin-operated mini cars / go karts are ideal for 4-12-year-olds. Add them to your indoor play centre site or any commercial entertainment venue and step up to the winner’s podium!

Add a profitable revenue stream to your commercial business

Bring colour, fun, excitement and action to any unused space of your business premises

Easy to control and manage – slot in a coin or your own personalised token and off you go!

Set your own pricing structure and time allocation structure

Use custom branding on mini cars / electric go kart cars and track accessories to promote your business!

Our electric coin-operated mini cars / go karts need minimal space (just 15 metres x 6 metres), staffing and maintenance. They are ideal for:

    •  Indoor play centres
    •  Shopping complexes
    •  Arcades, entertainment centres and piers
    •  Any outdoor attractions business


24V direct power delivery system
All mini cars feature a 24 volt motor and power delivery system.
By using 24 volt technology battery life is maximised due to
higher efficiency to ensure a full days usage per charge for
most operations.



Mini electric carsFully programmable ECU
Programmable ECU allows customisation of Ride Time /
Speed / Noise Simulation settings / Security counters /
Zone stopping and many more key operator functions




Electric go kart batteriesAGM batteries with Smart chargers
All mini cars utilise AGM batteries, the premium battery
for the application. Greater efficiency, Maintenance free,
and extremely safe to handle with no spillable liquids.
Fully regulated smart charging protect the battery pack
from the strain of hundreds of charge cycles



Coin operated go kartsElectronic coin validators
All mini cars are fitted with electronic coin validators.
Electronic validators have few moving parts are reliable, secure
and extremely versatile, allowing multi-coin, custom tokens
and infinite currency options with simple programming





go kart track designImagination Play has many years experience of designing and advising on track build.

This ensures best use of available space and maximising
the effectiveness of your mini car installation.






Custom go kart branding


Our in house designers can incorporate your company logo and branding within the graphics of the mini-car so the attraction will fit seamlessly into your existing facility identity.





go kart barriers

The Imagination Play mini car barrier system is a safe, attractive and robust mini-car containment barrier. Easy to install, conforming to any track shape and a cost effective method of creating a mini car barrier on a hard surface.




 Ready to race our electric go karts / mini cars?

Take a look at the starting grid and inspect our cars…


Mini quadMini Quad   Compact mini car quadCompact Quad mini carF1 Cars   Cabro mini carCabrio Car
Jeep go kartJeep Car   tractor go kartTractor Rascal go kart Rascal Car   Torro race carTorro Car