Imagination Play is pleased to announce the NEW THRIVETM outdoor fitness range from Game Time, an all-new outdoor fitness line that promotes group fitness training for users ages 13 and up.

THRIVETM features multiple fitness stations in a compact design. This reduces the amount of space required for installation, reduces wait times for users wanting to exercise and increases the number of people who have access to high-quality fitness equipment within a community. The THRIVETM range is multi-generational fitness, which is one compact system with
adaptive training options for all fitness levels. 

THRIVETM is constructed of high-quality, weather-resistant materials and engineered for high-volume use in areas like public parks, university campuses, and community recreation centers.

It is available in two models: 250 and 450. Each model number corresponds to the approximate amount of square footage required for installation. Approved safety surfacing is required for the installation.

All areas of the THRIVETM system allows multiple users to be exercising at the one time.

The THRIVETM fitness range compliments the standard Outdoor Fitness range
that we have been supplying to correctional facilities for the last 10 years.The THRIVETM fitness range is an exciting addition to Imagination Play.