An inspirational guide to exercise and fitness equipment for all from the out of shape beginners to the very fit.

Norwell Outdoor Fitness Equipment Parks

Today we are all very aware of the positive effect physical activity has on our body and quality of life. But often the time and the opportunities do not follow the good intentions when it comes to working out and training. At Imagination Play, we believe that the opportunity for fitness should be accessible and available at all hours, be free for everyone and be found outside in the fresh air. Based on that, we have designed and developed a series of outdoor fitness stations to be used by everyone, all year long.

Design for all

The Norwell fitness equipment stations are for everyone. From the out of shape beginners to the very fit. They will all be comfortable and gain maximum benefits from our unique, intuitive designs.

If you hove a busy day-to-day schedule like most of us, the fitness equipment parks provide a convenient and comfortable setting to spend time with others in a healthy activity – in a gym without doors, and when it suits you!

The four essentials

The conditions necessary for a high quality of life can be listed as four essentials: optimum cardiovascular functions, good body strength, fine balance and coordination skills, and a sufficient flexibility. We have made it easy to navigate in a Norwell Fitness equipment park by marking the stations with coloured ID bands, showing which essential area in particular is covered:

Norwell fitness essentials









The Norwell Outdoor Fitness Guide

This fitness equipment guide is meant to inspire you to get the most from your efforts on the stations in our fitness equipment parks. In order to maximize the benefits, it is important to consider both the type and sequence of exercises.

The guide is organized in four sequences: Warming up, strength training, strength and flexibility, cooling down. In each sequence we suggest a number of exercises on the stations suited for this phase of your training. Each exercise has a description of type, function, physical level and an instruction supported by a pictogram, showing how the exercise is performed.

All Norwell outdoor fitness equipment stations are designed and developed to use your own body weight as resilience. This prevents training injuries from for example, an incorrect setting. At the same time, the stations are still a challenge to all: If one exercise becomes too easy for you, you can change to another exercise demanding a higher level of difficulty.

The intuitive fitness equipment stations invite you to be self organized in your training. If you chose circuit training as your method of working out, it will be right along the lines of the ideas behind the Norwell fitness equipment parks. In this guide you will find suggestions for exercises to inspire and help you, when you wish to maintain or improve your fitness and quality of life.

An active and natural meeting point

The Norwell fitness equipment stations are developed for users of the ages thirteen and older, and are for all who have the desire and urge for natural exercise and strength training. You can train alone, following a defined program – or you can work out with your family or a group of friends. Anyone can join, since it takes no upper or lower limit of physical ability for you to exercise on the equipment stations.

The Norwell Outdoor Fitness App – Make your own training program!

New technology and exercise

Deep down most of us are motivated by competition, and whether we compete with ourselves or with family and friends, new technology can meet the wish to see proof of improvement since the last session.

The Norwell Smartphone App

One of the first-of-its kind – provides the platform that makes training and competing even more fun and efficient. By using our innovative opp you can:

  • Keep track of reps/ count/ distance/time on each station
  • Collect and combine stats for each team and group
  • “Share” your scores on Facebook
  • Get instruction and training for each station
  • Find the closest Norwell pork. via GPS mop

Our Norwell Smartphone App works on iPod Touch, iPhone and Android devices.

Smartphone app for fitness equipment































Let the guide inspire you

With the help and inspiration of this equipment guide, you can make your own training program. Every exercise equipment in this guide has an indication of physical level, which makes it quick. and easy for you to choose the ones suited for you, or that you like the most. Also scan the QR codes on the pages of the guide, and watch the videos of the exercises on each station.

Start with the warm-up

A good warm-up makes your strength training more efficient and prevents injuries. You will also feel more like pressing yourself in the following training. You should spend 5-15 minutes on at least two of the cardiovascular stations (look for green ID bonds), to increase your heart rate and the flow of blood to your muscles. Start slowly and then gradually increase the pace during the warm-up.

Continue with strength training

To train should be fun, but it also has to be hard in order to work. Make sure to do the exercises for each major muscle group (look for orange ID bands). All movements should be slow and controlled. Start up with 10 reps (repetitions) and work your way up to 15. When 15 reps are easily done, it is time to move on to a more demanding exercise.

Finish with balance and stretching

End your work out with balance exercises (look for red ID bands) – a good balance is an advantage in all aspects of life. Continue the cool down with stretch exercises (look for blue ID bands), focusing on the less flexible joints. Ideally, stretches should be held for 30 seconds and done two times for each major muscle group.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the Norwell outdoor fitness equipment guide. To view our outdoor fitness equipment range simply click here.