0.8 m
Softfall Requirements
3.8 m
5.8 m 3.9 m
0.5 m
$10,000 to $15,000
Code 4691113

Product Description

Urban Play - CP-01-2070 Rapid 2.

We’ve added an extra dimension to the stainless steel slide! The Rapid is a beauty to look at and great fun to slide off from. Like the Chute, the Rapid can be used on a hill or a mound and is available in basically any number of tubes. Please note that this product needs a minimum mound height of 2.5 metres. This slide is also available in powder coat option.

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 28
Boundary Length (LM) 19.27

AutoCAD Plan 4691113 --- CP-01-2070 Silhouette Rapid Rev1 PV.dwg

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