6.9 m
Softfall Requirements
9.7 m
7.5 m 4.5 m
2.1 m
$40,000 to $50,000
Code 4691269

Product Description

IJslander Bugs - Mosquito 1322.

The Mosquito is an abstract climbing mosquito with a watchtower as its ‘body’ where children can play.

Play Reasons of Mosquito: a slide, climbing poles, spinning climbing plates, a ladder, clamber and hang rings and two hammocks.

The Mosquito is available in any standard RAL colour. The climbing plates are available with blue, red or black EPDM.

Play Values of Mosquito:

1. Meeting & Fantasy
2. Climbing ladder
3. Slide
4. Sliding pole
5. Spinning
6. Resting

Benefits of Bugs Series equipment:

– Abstract shapes stimulate children’s fantasy.
– Through the insect shapes, the children unconsciously gather knowledge about insects and nature.
– Any standard RAL colour is possible (additional charges apply).

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 75.56
Boundary Length (LM) 34.3

AutoCAD Plan
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