1.5 m
Softfall Requirements
5.4 m
5.4 m 1.5 m
0.7 m
$10,000 to $15,000
Code 4691083

Product Description

Fun4all - CA-03-0001 Access Spinner.

The Access Spinner is a truly inclusive roundabout.

It can be used by children of any age and ability.

The Access Spinner is mounted flush to the ground, so the access is easy.

The sloped platform and the shape of the handles make sure that the wheelchair cannot move or tip when spinning around. And there is ample space for friends to join in the spin!

To make sure that the access is easy, we advise to install the Access Spinner in wetpour or rubber mulch surfacing.

The Access Spinner is Design right protected and the product is Patent Pending. The 'fun4all' logotype is a Trade Mark.

Features Include;

The Access Spinner provides easy access through flush mounting with the surrounding surface.

The sloped platform keeps the wheelchair in place without using special straps or fixings.

The handle bars prevent wheelchairs from tipping over when spinning.

The product has a soft rubber platform and features a heavy duty, maintenance free bearing.

Age Group
Softfall Area (M2) 210
Boundary Length (LM) 21.44

AutoCAD Plan 4691083 --- 4691083 Access Spinner.dwg

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