3 m
Softfall Requirements
5.3 m
4.5 m 2 m
2.5 m
$15,000 to $20,000
Code 4691066

Product Description

Amico - PS-04-0010 Chico with double slide.

Choose a way up to the top, either the climbing ramp or the trickier curved post and then slide down together with your friends, make some noise with the spinner at the top or simply relax in the chill out net under the platform.

Features Include;

Double slide
Climbing ramp
Platform with rubber surfacing
Themed spinner
Chill out net
Post steps
Themed access barrier

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 18
Boundary Length (LM) 19.5

AutoCAD Plan 4691066 --- PS-04 and 05-001x Amico Chico Rev1 PV 171114.dwg

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