1.1 m
Softfall Requirements
4.1 m
3.1 m 0.1 m
1 m
$5,000 to $10,000
Code 4691484

Product Description

IJslander - Play panel Pie.

Children decorate their own pie with the play panel Pie. With the sliders, they determine where the candles, strawberries and whipped cream must be placed.

How funny is that! At the same time the children exercise their hand-eye coordination and they can let their imagination run wild.

The play panel Pie can be placed separately or integrated in one of our larger playground equipment from amongst others the BYO and Madera series.

Play values of Play panel Pie:

1. Socialising & Fantasy
2. Role play
3. Puzzling
4. Interaction

Benefits of separate playground equipment:

Play panel stimulates the fantasy and motor skills.
Play panel can be placed seperately.
Play panel can be integrated in larger play equipment.
Encourages exercise and interaction.
Combines well with playgrounds that have playground equipment with many play values for all ages.

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 0
Boundary Length (LM) 14.36

AutoCAD Plan 4691484 --- 4691484-Cake Panel-1999-316.dwg

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