0.4 m
Softfall Requirements
3.4 m
3.4 m 0.4 m
0.6 m
Up to $5,000
Code 4691406

Product Description

Turtle Spinner 38029.

Take a spin on the trail or at the playground with GameTime's Turtle Spinner! The rotationally molded, tactile seat provides a grippable surface as children sit or lay to spin themselves in a whirlwind of fun. This spinning event promotes opportunities for cooperative and intergenerational play as children work together to spin each other or as families engage in the fun. The Turtle Spinner is a great addition for small spaces or to enhance the play value of an existing play environment.

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 9.2
Boundary Length (LM) 13.72

AutoCAD Plan 4691406 --- 38029 Turtle Spinner.dwg

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