4.5 m
Softfall Requirements
9.6 m
4.5 m 2.7 m
4 m
$10,000 to $15,000
Code 4691109

Product Description

Adrenanline - SW-05-0001 Sky Carver.

Adrenaline Sky Carver is a 4 meter high aerial half pipe, on which children of 8 years and older can enjoy adrenaline-fuelled boarding activities.

‘Carvers’ can start off with learning to ride through the air, propelling the board higher and higher before moving on to spins, board grabs and many more tricks inspired by skateboarding, wakeboarding and kite surfing.

No ride is ever the same and there is always a new trick to master!

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 38.7
Boundary Length (LM) 28.2

AutoCAD Plan 4691109 --- SW-05-0003 4 Adrenaline Sky Carver Rev3 PV.dwg

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