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$10,000 to $15,000
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Product Description

Amico Interactive - Dynamo - EP-01-0010

Rather than making use of ‘the grid’ or vulnerable solar panels, we thought that it would be more fun to let
children generate the energy for the interactive products themselves.

The power is generated with Amico Dynamo, a power generator that is also easily accessible for wheelchair users.

The status of the charged battery is shown through two light graphs: one for the child that is generating the power and one that can be seen from the Musical Bridge.

When fully powered, children can make music for several minutes.

Dynamo powers the Musical Bridge, the speaker and the microphone. These play elements are available on the Interactive versions of Pico, Nino, Presto and Alto.

From our tests with children we have seen that, together with the Musical Bridge, Dynamo may actually be one of the most popular play elements on the units.

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 0
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