Rascal go kart












The Rascal is Imagination Play’s electric go kart designed for the operator who needs a vehicle for the youngest age range. Simple to drive and extremely secure the Rascal is always a hit for children and parents alike. The Rascal comes in two different styles, the ever popular ranger style with rugged all terrain appearance, and the go-kart style with racing kart styling.


Dimensions: 140 x 98 x 99 cms (64cms height when folded) – go kart style 50cms high

Weight: 90 kgs (less batteries approx)

Age Groups: 4-12 years old, adjustable seat range

Speed: Adjustable up to 10mph (approx) average advisable operating speed 4-6mph

Turning circle: 1.5 metres

Motor: 24V Electric motor

Range: 4-5 hrs continous running time, equates to an average 8-9 hour operation day with easy change battery system.

Drive: Direct drive via transaxle with built in differential (no pulleys, chains or belts)

Control: ECU purpose designed and built in the Australia, to incorporate speed control, ride time, security counter, auto stop system and simulated engine noise.

Activation: Manual start or remote activation

Bumpers: Shock absorbing fully enclosing bumper system

Remote Cut-out: Optional