Russell Play Warranty











We offer 30 years warranty against corrosion and structural failure on:

  • Hot dip galvanised and powder coated structural parts such as metal posts and cross bars
  • Stainless steel components
  • Aluminium platforms and roofs
  • HDPE panels


We offer 10 years warranty on:

  • Rope and net constructions


We offer 5 years warranty on:

  • Powder coated sheet metal parts
  • Galvanised and stainless steel chains
  • Bearing assemblies
  • Rubber platforms


We offer 2 years warranty on:

  • Movable plastic and metal parts
  • Electronic components


The warranty period applies from the date of purchase by the fi rst customer. The warranty applies to Russell Play’s products for each product type mentioned above and is limited to replacement of defective parts, without charge, at Russell Play’s discretion. The warranty covers only defects in materials.
Installation and Maintenance
The warranty applies only to products which have been correctly installed and maintained in accordance with written instructions provided by Russell Play.
All the above product types are guaranteed with the following exclusions:
– Damage caused by vandalism or negligence.
– Damage caused by improper or unsupervised use of the equipment.
– Chipping and wearing of paintwork through normal wear and tear.
– Wearing of polyamide strands on the steel rope in heavy wear areas which occur without any effect on the strength of the rope.
– Cost of dismantling and transferring any parts of the equipment which require to be returned to the manufacturer for inspection and for replacement. The manufacturer may, at his sole discretion, refund these costs to the buyer. The manufacturer and the seller accept no responsibility in any circumstances for any direct, indirect or consequential loss of damage, however arising, which the buyer may sustain in connection with any claim which may arise under the Terms and Conditions. Requests for remedial work under the Warranty must be notifi ed in writing to the seller as soon as possible following identifi cation of a defect.
Products installed near water
The Russell Play standard terms of warranty will apply to products installed near coastal areas where they are subject to salt water conditions or spray, provided they are treated with the Russell Play “ColourGalv Marine” hot-dip galvanised metal protection system or the product is made of Stainless Steel grade 316*.

Warranty repairs shall only be carried out by Russell Leisure Ltd or their authorised Sub Contractors. Repair work carried out by others shall not be covered by the warranty. This warranty should be read in conjunction with Russell Leisure Limited Conditions of Sale.
*These are optional extras. Please refer to the manufacturer’s specification for clarification.



First 12 Months – free freight with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

After 12 Months – freight chargeable with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

Warranty only applies if products have been installed and maintained correctly.

No coverage for wear and tear, accidents, aesthetic issues or vandalism.