More people than ever, are heading to the park.

The last two years has seen an increase in outdoor exercise trends in Australian communities. Parks Victoria reported a 20% increase in visitors to Melbourne parks during the pandemic, compared to 2018/19 numbers. COVID safety concerns and numerous lockdowns are driving more people than ever before to utilize their local parks. Physical activity and sports remain the number one reason people use outdoor community spaces, with 70% of people coming to an urban park specifically to exercise, according to Parks Victoria.

It’s healthy to be outdoors.

Outdoor exercise has been linked to multiple health benefits, when compared to indoor exercise. Not only are you boosting your cardiovascular health, reducing your risk of cancer and keeping your bones strong, but outdoor exercise has been linked to improvements in mental health, when compared to indoor exercise.

Research being conducted at the University of Newcastle has linked outdoor exercise with improvements in concentration and overall stress reduction. The visual stimuli received when moving though nature activates your parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for rest and physiological recovery. We feel better when we are outside. Along with the mental health benefits, the lowering of our stress response has the added benefit of improving overall immune functions for better health outcomes. Plus, you get the added benefit of vitamin D, important for calcium absorption and serotonin production.

Fitness for everyone.

Adding outdoor fitness equipment to a public space can overcome many boundaries for community members. The nature of the equipment makes it easy to access for those with physical disabilities. It is free and inclusive for all. A 2017 study by Rimmer et. al, showed many indoor fitness centers are falling behind in providing facilities that can be accessed by those with physical disabilities.

Outdoor exercise equipment is a great way to level the playing field. It can be a safe space that anyone, of any age or ability can access. Families with members across multiple age groups can co-ordinate their exercise together, improving connections and wellbeing.

Supporting your community.

Now is the time to support the health and wellbeing of communities. Investing in outdoor exercise equipment can transform the way people engage with outdoor spaces. It can also encourage group activities and remove the barriers many people feel are present at traditional indoor exercise facilities. The pandemic has changed the way people view their health, especially the impacts of reduced community connectedness and social isolation. Mental and physical wellbeing have never been more important to people.

Designing for the Great Outdoors.

When designing outdoor exercise equipment, there are many factors to consider. The great Australian outdoors can be a harsh environment, and materials need to be prepared to weather any conditions. The equipment needs to be safe to use, for all people, of all ages and abilities.

It also needs to be simple to understand, with instructions that cross language barriers and access difficulties. The designs need to meet the new Australian standard AS 16630:2021, but most of all, they need to condider the needs of the specific community. Working with a design team will help conceptualise the perfect outdoor exercise space to suit each community.

Introducing ACTIV8 by Imagination Play

With over 20 years of manufacturing and design experience, Imagination Play is proud to introduce its new range of outdoor fitness equipment, ACTIV8.

What makes ACTIV8 stand out from the crowd?

  • Aussie designed for the Aussie outdoors.
  • Completely modular, with multiple options to suit any space.
  • Brand new surfacing technology using electrogalvanized zinc makes product surfaces rust proof and anti-vandal.
  • Sustainably sourced timber options to align equipment with our nature play range.
  • Equipment for all ages and abilities, support material included.
  • Free design consultation with our team.
  • Project management from start to finish, to ensure a job well done.

Find out more about ACTIV8 fitness equipment today.

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