Imagination Play’s warranty set out below is subject to the complete and final installation of the freestanding ‘Playground Rules Sign’ supplied at no charge on all combination playground units only. This sign will also be installed at no charge on all combination playground units that have contracted an Imagination Play installation team and upon suitable location, positioning agreed to on the day of conducting works.

In addition to recommendations as stated in AS/NZS 4486.1:1997 Part 9.4 (Signs) our playground rules sign policy has the ability to increase all warranty items below to well beyond their timelines with significant reductions of improper usage.
Commencement warranty timeline of items below are initiated only and after receipt of our warranty acceptance form signed and dated of which accompanies our maintenance schedule forms supplied upon final payments received.

Imagination Play warrants its products to be free from defect in materials or workmanship during normal use and installation in accordance with our published specifications. Imagination Play further warrants as follows:

10-year guarantee on the structural integrity of our Australian Hardwood Series timber.

Limited 20 year Warranty – On all stainless steel hardware clamps, T’s, deck hangers, post caps, perforated steel decks, panels and roofs against structural failure due to defects in materials or workmanship.

Limited 5 year Warranty – On all Recycled Plastic Lumber On all rails, loops, rungs, fitness systems, roto-molded and sheet plastic components, fun centres, fibreglass signage, all moving parts, border timbers and site amenities including all benches, tables, litter receptacles and bike racks against structural failure due to defects in materials or workmanship. On all roto-molded and sheet plastics against colour deterioration of no greater than 33% pigmentation loss from new.

Limited 3 year Warranty – On premature wear of Nylon cable. Excluding cosmetic defects.

Limited 1 year Warranty -On all other moving parts, swing seats, springs, outer casings against premature wear due to natural deterioration or manufacturing defects and any other materials not covered above.

The above guarantee does not cover the following;


  • Aesthetics and defects such as scratches, cracks, dents, etc.
  • Damage due to fire, water, vermin, insect infestation, vandalism, misuse or exposure to extreme weather.
  • Improper shipment, incorrect installation, misuse, exposure to extreme weather or environmental conditions.
  • Theft or circumstances beyond IPs control (i.e. Acts of God )
  • Lack of maintenance (refer to maintenance document supplied with order)


Please note: As timber is an organic material it is expected that cosmetic changes over time will occur and are not covered under warranty.

It is strongly recommended that all timber items are periodically treated with a solvent based oil.

Timber cut across the grain, such as steppers are excluded from this warranty



First 12 Months – free freight with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

After 12 Months – freight chargeable with labour costs at Imagination Play’s discretion.

Warranty only applies if products have been installed and maintained correctly.

No coverage for wear and tear, accidents, aesthetic issues or vandalism.