5.1 m
Softfall Requirements
6.7 m
5.7 m 5.1 m
3.9 m
Code 4691483

Product Description

Ijslander Water - Water Playground Plons 1080.

The Splash is a large interactive water play unit that consists of water, push buttons and light elements controlled by a computer.

In addition, the computer controls functions such as automatic shutdown of the water unit in bad weather and flushing out the pipes.

The computer also controls three different games – connected to three separate consoles next to the water unit.

Children are guaranteed hours of fun with Splash, because once they hit the buttons on the water unit or press on the adjacent consoles, water comes spraying, splashing or bubbling from various pipes or special shower heads.

The Splash is safe for smaller children because the water continuously drains away.

Play elements: climbing nets, water troughs, shower heads and illuminated push buttons on/next to the water play unit.

The Splash is available in any standard RAL colour. The nets are available in red, blue, black and green.

Play values of Splash:

1. Socialising & Fantasy
2. Playing in water
3. Climbing
4. Exercise

Benefits of playing in water:

– Safe because water drains away.
– Stimulates children’s interaction and fantasy.
– Available in any standard RAL colour (additional charges apply).

Age Group All Age Groups
Softfall Area (M2) 0
Boundary Length (LM) 24.88

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