We believe that outdoor fitness equipment be free and available for everyone to use in their community. It should be fun for people of all ages and abilities and add to the aesthetics of their surroundings.

Our outdoor fitness equipment is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of people of all ages. The general benefits of outdoor fitness include all of the same benefits of regular fitness along with many more that are specifically related to being outside.

The extensive range of equipment on offer assist’s with all budgets, area sizes and users. Increasing health and fitness is an important factor in improving our quality of life. It is also the focus of current key government initiatives.

We are seeing accessible exercise equipment appearing in open spaces such as our parks, helping differing ages and abilities to take some regular physical exercise.

Imagination Play’s vision is to provide communities with access to fitness equipment that meets the needs of varying ages and abilities. Our extensive range of equipment on offer assists with all budgets and area sizes.

Increasing health and fitness in local communities is an important factor in improving our quality of life. We are seeing an increase in accessible outdoor fitness equipment appearing in our communities such as public parks and open space areas in general. This allows people of  all ages and abilities to take part in some regular exercise whilst socialising with others in a safe, well planned environment.


DESCRIPTION: Out outdoor fitness equipment catalogue comprises of all types of fitness orientated equipment aimed at all ages and abilities. From large fitness areas and stations to stand alone fitness equipment and all inclusive designs this catalogue is a must have for any outdoor equipment projects.


Outdoor Fitness