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Looking at school playground equipment for your school or council playground equipment for your open space development? Imagination Play is committed to providing Australian schools and council parks with commercial quality playground equipment, strong and durable construction to meet all types of budgets. From fun theme designs to fitness orientated concepts we can provide your school or council with professional on site sales people to assist you in designing the perfect equipment to suit your exact area and budget.

Imagination Play employee in-house product developers and levels 1,2 and 3 playground safety inspectors/auditors to ensure your design meets current Australian Standards. Please ensure your next supplier has similar credentials to Imagination Play before you purchase any playground equipment for your school or council.

From concept to installation, we are your one stop playground supplier!


School Playground Grants

Many schools around Australia face the same problem when wanting to upgrade their school playground equipment, and that is funds!

Typically speaking, fundraising for new school playground equipment is a great way to build up the budget and offset the cost to ensure the children have a decent sized playground structure along with soft fall and possibly shade structures but sometimes that is not enough to raise the required funds. If you do plan on fundraising for your new playground then ensure you stay committed and understand it can take some time. Communication is also vital in ensuring your community understand what you are fundraising for. Have a goal set, communicate that goal with your community and keep them updated with the progress to get everyone on board and passionate for your new school playground.

School playground grants are something a lot of schools in Australia rely on and thankfully in Australia there are numerous capital works grants available but trying to find them can be daunting. At Imagination Play we are here to help you from the initial grant applications and research to final installation of your new equipment thanks to school playground grant boosts.

Before submitting any school playground equipment grants you need to first understand exactly how much how your playground project will cost. Then you can work out exactly what type and how much of a grant you can apply for.

Contact us today and discuss with our friendly and professional staff about your proposed grant application. We can work out a customised design to not only suit your area and children’s needs but an affordable price to suit both your own funds and or mixed grant money or full school playground grant applications.

Don’t forget we can also discuss your project and roll it out in stages if funds are not met but time is critical. We can discuss your playground needs and work on a suitable budget to install part of the overall playground structure with options to extend the playground at a later date when more funds are available, either through further school playground grants or  added fundraising later on, we are here for you all the way!


Early childhood school play spaces

Early childhood school playground


Imagination Play has limitless designs to aid in promoting Gross Motor Skills, Rhythm & Movement, Imaginative Play, Multisensory experiences, Challenging and Relaxing Spaces.

Benefits of Play

Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their:

1. Imagination

2. Dexterity

3. Physical

4. Cognitive

5. Emotional strength.





School playground spaces

Middle School playground range


Schools Age 5-12


Every structure we design goes beyond putting some desks and climbers together. Every structure is evaluated and designed to promote not just physical play, but also social play. Including areas for children to build strength and endurance as well as areas that allow peers to interact socially at their own pace.

Our Modular Play system can be customised to suit all areas and imaginations.

Play spaces impact on children’s learning and development. Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well-being of children.

Play is an important role in their daily life for fulfi lling students interest, development and learning needs.







Senior fitness play spaces

Senior playground equipment

Adolescents still love to stay active through play. Offering a wide variety of playground activities, Imagination Play meets the needs of this group to keep them engaged and challenged.

From challenging net climbers and thrill seeking units to outdoor fitness combinations, you’ll find choices that this hard-to-please age group will love.

Increased environmentally responsible behaviours.

Exposure to sunlight helps boost serotonin levels which helps maintain calmness.

Decreased blood pressure.

Weight reduction to assist with obesity.

Increase balance.

Fresh air is good for brain activity.

Invigorating and improves sense of well-being.

Creativity development and reduced ADHD Symptoms in young adult’s alertness. Decreases anxiety.






Our process in supplying schools their very own customized playground equipment.


School playgrounds step 1School play equipment

Once you have the location of where you would like the playground situated we can visit your school or park, discuss your needs and assess your site to ensure it is safe and viable for a playground. We have professional staff located all over Australia to meet you in person and work out your best options.

Our onsite staff will also draw up your proposed area on a scaled site plan that will assist our designers to ensure the playground design will fit into the area according to Australian Standards soft fall requirements.

Now we discuss the design side of things. For schools we recommend getting the kids involved with selecting what playground components they like. A fun idea is to run a class where the children vote on our components and the most popular components will be added to your new concept.







School play


School playgrounds step 2



Our onsite staff will then liaise with our safety officer and designer to ensure budgets are met, the design meets Australian Standards and will fit into your allocated area of the school.

Our graphic designers will then bring the concept to life using the latest 3d animated programs to construct a 3 dimensional model of your concept using our 3D Max programs.

Your customised school playground is now coming to life!







School playgrounds Australia

School playgrounds step 3



Once the 3d concept is complete, our graphic designer will use the scaled site plan provided by our on site staff to overlay the model into your proposed area and apply measurements.

This is to ensure your design fits perfectly within your boundaries and complies to the soft fall requirements set out by the Australian Standards.

Once that is complete we show you our presentation and discuss any changes you may require.






school play equipment installed in Australia

School playgrounds step 4




Now the fun part!

Bringing the 3D concept to life with a quality built and installed to Australian Standards commercial built school playground!

We hope you enjoyed reading Imagination Play’s procedure in creating your new customised school playground equipment for your open space area and please feel free to ask any questions!






Testimonials from school playground customers.


We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing job you have done in installing our new playground equipment. You have made the kids dreams finally come true!

They have waited for this playground for over 3 years. It has been lovely to have you on site and we thank you for all the extra work you have done.

Staff and Students

Cooma North Public School


Hi Imagination Play, the kids are just loving the double galaxy playground equipment at our school!

In fact, it is so popular at the school we are still having a roster as to who uses it at play times. Every school child from prep to grade 6 wants to be on it! It is a wonderful addition to our school and I sincerely thank you for suggesting it!

Thanks again


Vermont Primary School


Many thanks to Ken Walker (Sales Consultant at Imagination Play) and the team for providing a great new playground environment for Keilor Views Primary School.

Right from the start Ken provided the school with full and comprehensive playground design options including detailed drawings for us to choose from.

He was always attentive to our needs and requirements and fulfilled our every requirement for our school playground needs.

The installation team were thorough, quick and completed the job when expected.

With the students having input into the selection of the design for the school they were excited to see their design coming to realization.

The students have only had a few days use of the new playground equipment but it has been a thrilling and exhilarating time for them.

The new play equipment in the school is an amazing addition to the environment of the school and will be enjoyed by all the students.

So much fantastic feedback has been received from the students and the local school community.

Thanks once again to the great team at Imagination play.

Peter Patten

Business Manager

Keilor Views Primary School


Thank you so much Imagination Play for helping us make our school playground equipment possible. We are very thankful for everything you have done. Thanks to you and your playground company. You have helped us complete our task.

Thanks again.
Templestowe Park Primary School.


Our school has just installed our first Imagination Play playground for our Year four, five and six school students. Though they had us hooked from first sight of their online magazine and website, the whole process from selection to installment was comprehensive and collaborative. We were impressed with the quality of the company’s school playgrounds and the efficiency with which they were able to organise installation in our remote community.

Louise Vella-Cox


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Mount Isa, Queensland


Our school utilised Imagination Play when we were considering our options for the building of a new playground equipment. We were able to use the comprehensive website to view the play equipment options that fitted both our needs and our proposed budget. Once we had decided on a design to suit our budget the team at Imagination Play were extremely helpful in assisting us with scaled plans, colour schemes and play equipment options. They also changed aspects of the design and layout to fit our requests until we were happy with the final design proposal. Imagination Play coordinated the entire playground project from design to the build and we have been extremely happy with the final result at our school.

Ashley Marsh
St. Michael’s Primary School, Tallangatta


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