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School Playground Equipment and Council Playground Equipment

Looking at school playground equipment for your school or council playground equipment for your open space development? Imagination Play is committed to providing Australian schools and council parks with commercial quality playground equipment, strong and durable construction to meet all types of budgets. From fun theme designs to fitness orientated concepts we can provide your school or council with professional on site sales people to assist you in designing the perfect equipment to suit your exact area and budget.

Imagination Play employee in-house product developers and levels 1,2 and 3 playground safety inspectors/auditors to ensure your design meets current Australian Standards. Please ensure your next supplier has similar credentials to Imagination Play before you purchase any playground equipment for your school or council.

From concept to installation, we are your one stop playground supplier!

Please see below our process in supplying schools their very own customized playground equipment.

Once you have the location of where you would like the playground situtated we can visit your school or park, discuss your needs and assess your site to ensure it is safe and viable for a playground. We have professional staff located all over Australia to meet you in person and work out your best options.

School play equipment

Our onsite staff will also draw up your proposed area on a scaled site plan that will assist our designers to ensure the playground design will fit into the area according to Australian Standards soft fall requirements.

Now we discuss the design side of things. For schools we recommend getting the kids involved with selecting what playground components they like. A fun idea is to run a class where the children vote on our components and the most popular components will be added to your new concept.


School play

Our onsite staff will then liaise with our safety officer and designer to ensure budgets are met, the design meets Australian Standards and will fit into your allocated area of the school.

Our graphic designers will then bring the concept to life using the latest 3d animated programs to construct a 3 dimensional model of your concept using our 3D Max programs.

Your customised school playground is now coming to life!

School playgrounds Australia

Once the 3d concept is complete, our graphic designer will use the scaled site plan provided by our on site staff to overlay the model into your proposed area and apply measurements.

This is to ensure your design fits perfectly within your boundaries and complies to the soft fall requirements set out by the Australian Standards.

Once that is complete we show you our presentation and discuss any changes you may require.

Now the fun part!

Bringing the 3D concept to life with a quality built and installed to Australian Standards commercial built school playground!

school play equipment installed in Australia

We hope you enjoyed reading Imagination Play’s procedure in creating your new customised school playground equipment for your open space area and please feel free to ask any questions!



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