Imagination Play’s ‘Australian Nature Play Equipment Series’ timbers are proudly sourced sustainably and selectively harvested from certified government forests and private coupes throughout Australia.

The timber is then transported to our processing facility to be processed for commercial use.

The ‘Australian Nature Play Equipment Series’ timber of all sizes, are debarked by hand ensuring that the natural waves of the timber are preserved for their natural, unique appeal. The timber equipment is then pressure cleaned and dried, by a naturally seasoned and rotational process, for up to 5 years, or kiln dried over a 6 – 8 week period at 50 degrees Celsius. Kiln drying is a controlled process that speeds up the natural extraction of moisture from the inside out of timber. This process reduces the possibility of warping, buckling, splitting and a host of other moisture-related defects that come naturally with timber products.

Once the drying process is complete, each piece of timber for play equipment use is then sanded by hand to remove any sharp, rough edges, to comply with the Australian Standards ASN4685. If there are any small cracks present after the kiln drying process, the cracks are filled with a UV stable aliphatic resin. Once the resin is dry, the timber for nature play equipment use is then sanded again to result in a characteristic natural finish. The timber is then stained with a number of coats of Cabot’s® ‘Intergrain’ staining oil to preserve the timber further.
Imagination Play recommends that all ‘Australian Nature Play Equipment Series’ timber components are re-stained within 6-12 months of installation. This can be completed with the stain pot supplied in your maintenance kit.

The ‘Australian Nature Play Equipment Series’ timber playgrounds are designed using our popular standard playground equipment components and incorporating new playground components such as timber and Colorbond® apex roof tops, timber and Colorbond slant roof tops, HPDE panels with intricate detail, timber stepping stones, timber bridges, timber balance beams, timber safety panels and much more.

Using quality Red Gum, Red Iron Bark and Jarrah sourced from sustainable resources across Australia. 

We manufacture standard and custom nature play equipment based playground equipment to suit individual projects.

Providing nature based playgrounds for early learning centres, schools and public spaces to enhance the natural beauty of the environment offering a play atmosphere of natural tones and textures that children instantly connect with.

Children reap great benefits as they grow appreciation of the natural environment.

AUS Nature Play Equipment range significantly improves all aspects of child development – physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Playing outdoors builds resilience, self-confidence, initiative, creativity and more.

Standard play equipment range of swings, rope nets, balancing etc. using standard logs, Bespoke features, including selected unique shaped logs for ground play equipment elements up to multi-level structures either constructed or clad in half logs.

The timber we use in our nature play equipment products and towers is sustainably and selectively sourced.

Additionally our nature play equipment timber is a range of naturally seasoned and kiln-dried Australian Hardwoods that are finished and processed to ensure all timbers are de-barked, cracks are filled and all edges are finished smooth to minimise any future splitting that natural timber is prone to in-turn ensuring a compliant, safe, splinter-free and long lasting nature-play space.

Our timber products used on our nature play equipment range make use of our unique Stainless Steel hardware that joins multiple pieces of timber together safely and ensures a secure life-long fit.

From 6m nature play towers to stand alone equipment for all ages and abilities, at Imagination Play we’ve got you covered for your nature play projects!

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