Playground Equipment Sydney


Our Sydney department have two local sales departments ready to meet you on site for a custom designed playground equipment. One agent located in the heart of Sydney and one further north Sydney in Newcastle area.

With multiple installation crews situated in both Sydney CBD and rural NSW we always utlise local contractors wherever possible on all of our playground equipment, fitness equipment and rubber soft fall.

Being that many requirements in Sydney based areas are close to the ocean why not ask us about our premium aluminium posts available on our standard playground equipment range including our stainless steel fixings and our complete stainless range of fitness equipment.

Colourgalv Marine option on playground equipment

Special coatings for Sydney area marine environments

The Russell Play equipment has a unique option available for Sydney based customers called “Colourgalv Marine”. This is an innovative coating on the playground equipment that can withstand complete immersion in seawater for up to 25 years. Colourgalv Marine in coastal areas in and around Sydney is similar to standard Colourgalv in that it has both a hot-dip galvanized substrate and an electrostatically applied to the powder coat finish.

The difference is the hydrophobic middle coat applied to the playground equipment that prevents oxidisation of the zinc and keeps the powder top coat in tact, especially important if the playground equipment is in constant contact with salt spray or is submersed.

Colourgalv Marine is available in all parts of Sydney and rural NSW areas in the full Colourgalv range of colours and textures and is maintenance free for up to 25 years.

Our Sydney staff have professional playground equipment design team and a friendly sales staff ready to meet you on site to discuss your requirements and assist in complete project management from concept to installation / compliance sign off on all of our equipment.

No place in Sydney or rural New South Wales is too far away!

Feel free to contact our Sydney branch today for a one on one consultant to meet you on site to discuss your needs and design up your ideal playground equipment.

Also, please check out our interactive map of completed playground equipment projects in and around Sydney by clicking here to find playgrounds near Sydney and outer New South Wales region.

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