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Rope play structure


Imagination Play has expanded its range of commercial rope playground equipment by partnering with a long standing worldwide leading rope play manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience. Our partner has won praise with its ergonomically designed, low stimulus wire rope technology and high quality finishes which have been installed in playgrounds world-wide.


The sky really is the limit with Imagination Play

Imagination Play has the ability to serve its customer base with an inspiring creative rope play range of over 90 standard structures. We also have the ability to work with designers and customers to offer a custom design service to help you fulfil your concept to reality. Currently our range offers Tower Nets spanning a huge 27 metres wide & 15 metres high down to Mini stand-alone units as small as 7 metres wide & 3 metres high. Imagination Play can offer rope play equipment solutions for any play space needs.




Compound Wire Rope

Our Manufacturer has created a safe long lasting attractive cable for playground structures. Using proprietary technology and an infusion of an attractive flame retardant woven Nylon Polyamide outer braid featuring a class 8 UV Colourfast rating ensures ropes keep looking new for years.

Rope Play materials




Our rope playground engineers have created one of the world’s safest, longest lasting and most attractive rope playground equipment cabling in the playground industry. Using proprietary technology, they have infused the beautiful nylon cable coatings with UV protectants and flame retardant solutions in the extrusion process. They use the vibrant threads to weave a braid around 144 strands of galvanized steel to produce the rope play structure. This unique process keeps the ropes beautiful to see, soft to touch and stronger than any other cabling available.

The vibrant colours of their rope playground equipment range will immediately appeal to children of all ages, but the rope will also feel just as good to touch. A class 8 UV Colorfastness rating keeps the ropes looking fresh along with the special nylon formula and unique weaving of threads means that iX compound ropes are resistant to fading, wearing and fraying for years.






iX-Rope process


STEP 1 twisted thread
Nylon thread
raw material and processing
STEP 2 braiding process
Prepare for braiding process
long shot and twisting machine
STEP 3 strand process
Wire process
strand machine
Rope Play Equipment process 4STEP 4 final process
Strand process install
machine / packing


iX-Rope section
















iX-Rope colours

Rope play equipment colour range












A. Brown   B. Blue   C. Yellow   D. Red   E. Green   F. Black   G. Evergreen   H. Liquid Fire   I. Dragon Tail   J. Licorice Twist   K. Neon Lights




Rope playground paint colour












1. Red   2. Orange   3. Charcoal   4. Tan   5. Yellow   6. Grey Aluminum   7. White   8. Brown   9. Blue   10. Green   11. Galvanized   12. Black


The rope playground range

Tower Nets
• The Tower Nets including Single, Twin, Triple and Quad Combinations.

Rope Waves
• Free Form multi-level Rope Combinations.

Jumping Nets
• Jumping Nets feature a Centre flexible rubber bouncing facilities surrounded by interlocking suspension ropes. Arc Nets
• Various Exoskeleton frame structures featuring elaborate geometric rope nets.

Frame Nets
• Complex and elaborate Exoskeleton frames built with heavy gauge steel supports and unique rope nets.

Dish Swings
• Dish Swings available in various designs and combinations offering many choices. Providing swinging activities for single or multiple users and access for children of all abilities.

Custom Rope Combinations
• Custom Rope Combination structures can be designed to offer various play activities including other non-rope play elements such as platforms, bridges, slides or tunnels.


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