Do you want a playground equipment supplier that knows what kid’s need?

We are the company you can turn to when trust matters!

Imaginationplay is a complete supplier of children’s indoor playground equipment, outdoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment for councils, indoor play centers, primary schools, parks, kindergartens, restaurants, commercial industries and any other family entertainment centers. Our growth and success can be attributed to our exciting innovative designs and high quality products at competitive prices, combined with an impressive level of customer service.

The reasons why customers choose Imagination Play are;

Safety – Imagination Play is a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). We strictly follow International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) and Australian Standard guidelines for designing and manufacturing. We put safety in the first priority and maintain a proactive approach to safety compliance. We are always ready to assist you in keeping your playground safe and reducing risks.

Quality – We keep the promises of solid construction, superior materials, and quality craftsmanship. We use the best materials, state-of-the-art technologies, and regularly test for both strength and durability. We ensure joints are strong and smooth, coatings are even and 100% sealed. Our plastics are precision formed without flaws meeting the requirements of IPEMA .

Diverse Themes – Our products have the diversity of style and level of sophistication. We can help you choose both the right type of playground equipment and the right location to ensure that it meets your specific needs. Our designers use modern technology and materials to create environments for children to exercise their growing bodies and imaginations. Imaginationplay provides a world of solutions for family friendly facilities. Keeping children occupied is one thing, letting them have fun while getting healthy exercise is something even better. That is what Imaginationplay Playground Systems are designed to do. Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers while generating a profit. We must satisfy our customers with high quality products. We believe the utilization of new technology is the key to our success. And knowledge combined with personal dedication and innovation will produce results.

At Imagination Play we let you use your imagination to create the ultimate play time!

We understand that children need to experience certain types of movement for brain and body development. That’s why at Imaginationplay we endeavor to design and build playground equipment to encourage the following types of movement and explain how these movements develop young growing bodies.


Balancing, rocking, bouncing, rolling, swinging and spinning activities.

These types of movements promote vestibular development which is linked to balance, inner ear and general co-ordination of children.


Applying or receiving pressure, being underneath, squeezing into tight places, being on top or looking out, hanging upside down or balancing.

The types of movements are more commonly known as proprioceptive development. This development is strongly connected to spatial awareness and understanding restricted moving within a defined space.


Walking, running, skipping, hopping and jumping.

The above also includes sliding, hanging and climbing. These movements are gross motor development which involves using the larger muscle groups and promotes strength and co-ordination.


Pressing buttons, turning handles and grasping objects.

By using fingers and hands for small tasks develops coordination and cognitive reasoning more commonly known as fine motor development.


Throwing, catching, reaching and grasping grips and handles.

General hand/eye coordination are one of the most important development attributes with the above actions.



  1. Imagination Play start with using first class quality certified raw materials. This ensures that customers receive the brightest and best quality products for their playground equipment.
  2. All of our steel tubing contains a corrosion resistant coating on the interior of the tube and a galvanized coat is applied to the exterior of the tube to eliminate rusting.
  3. 114mm diameter post play systems and 1200mm square decks on our standard playground range offering the largest capacity for playground equipment in Australia.
  4. Powder-coat finish is applied to provide a bright, smooth, hard-colour that won’t chip or scratch
  5. We use only tamper proof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware.
  6. For superior strength and durability, our decks, steps, ramps and bridges are fabricated from heavy-gauge punched steel.
  7. Huge choice of plastic colours and designs with super durable UV stabilizers added resulting in more resistant to colour fading.
  8. Rotationally moulded plastics ensuring an even distribution of plastic moulding on our entire range.
  9. Stainless steel connection tabs that resist deterioration and rust.
  10. Using the latest 3d software you can see your exciting ideas before you buy. High tech 3d programming ensuring you can see exactly what your design will look like with full colour 3d animations and superimposing your design into your proposed area.



 How do our products or our business philosophy improve the play experience for children?

We understand that children need to experience certain types of movement for brain and body development. Our exciting products are complemented by inspirational and beautifully designed play spaces that every child, regardless of ability, can enjoy!

Play helps children’s development in many ways. Playing gives space to children’s imagination and fuels creativity. Through play, children get to know their physical possibilities and limitations. Challenges and risks teach them to evaluate situations and find ways to go further than before. Playing together with other children helps to develop important social skills.

Unfortunately, playing in general and playing together with other children in particular is not self-evident for every child. Children that have an impairment are often hindered by the fact that many play opportunities seem to be designed for able bodied children only. This can make it difficult for children with an impairment to play with other children, to have fun together and to develop important skills.

Imagination Play are proudly and exclusively distributing Russell Play and Norwell Outdoor Fitness equipment products in Australia and Oceania region. Russell Play’s range of inclusive play equipment completes our current play equipment range making us a truly inclusive playground company in open space projects. The aesthetically pleasing but minimalistic designs from Norwell Outdoor Fitness with their quality Danish designs also completes our current range of outdoor fitness equipment to suit all project budgets.