The Adrenaline playground equipment series is designed for more older children between the ages of 8 and 16 years old, our Adrenaline series offer a varied range of exciting and challenging activities to suit the more active and sporty child. Features in the Adrenaline series such as the monkey bars, climbing walls test their coordination and stamina whilst the spinners and swings provide a thrill of speed and excitement! Every unit includes a combination of metal posts and platforms with access nets, climbing walls and banister slides.

Adrenaline’s playground equipment design concept is focused on encouraging lateral, non prescriptive play – you can start where you like, go where you like! This is the type of play that this targeted age group enjoys a lot. Climbing high is challenging and interesting, but being cool and have space to hang out with your friends is just as important. The Adrenaline playground equipment products are available in a variety of colours. Please check our link below for the equipment options.

The outcome of the Adrenaline playground equipment is a very attractive product range that offers a lot of play value for a variety of abilities. Having various challenges at different levels means that the Adrenaline products are interesting and challenging for impaired as well as able bodied children.

Adrenaline Play series has been developed to encourage extreme climbing, motion and physical activity through a unique contemporary design.

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