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Sustaining; because it can always be better

IJslander is at the heart of the community. Our involvement is expressed by our products as well as our company policy. We regard sustainability as a process, so we prefer to talk about sustaining.
New developments constantly follow one another and so there is always room for improvement. IJslander moves along with these developments. More than that, we ensure we are always one step ahead! Only then can we provide optimal service to our customers, end users and the environment.


Choice of material: stainless steel

All products are made almost completely of 304 and 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel always remains attractive. And as the name implies, no unsightly rust stains! Vandalism doesn’t stand a chance. You can therefore enjoy an attractive product for a very long time.

Welded joints

The individual parts of our products are often welded together. We use two welding techniques: MIG/MAG welding for parts that are no longer seen after the product is installed. And then there is TIG welding for attractive, smooth connections such as for slides. Both techniques make our products very strong and extremely vandal-proof. For joints that cannot be welded we use special sturdy connections.


Stainless steel is a widely used material in hospital operating theatres. It is extremely hygienic as it does not attract dirt. This is one of the reasons that our products – also made of stainless steel – are so maintenance friendly.

Innovative product development

IJslander is constantly thinking of new systems and ways of improving our products. Just take for example the cables of the Citybox. They used to absorb almost 8000 impacts of 80 kg. The IJslander R&D department carried on testing until it was satisfied. And the result? Now the cable can withstand 58000 such impacts! This is thanks to the use of a double spring. A clever discovery of IJslander, which adds a lot of weight to the term hard-wearing.