Since 1995 we have been designing, manufacturing and installing playground and fitness equipment, Australia wide.

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Whether you’re a landscape architect, developer or open space planner we’re here to help turn your project into a reality

We can assist your communities needs based on preferences, budgets and abilities to build the ultimate open space design.

Imagination Play pride themselves on offering a highly experienced consulting approach to playground and fitness design and sales, with recreational solutions for the delivery of professional projects from concept through to completion. Imagination Play delivers to a wide range of market channels and professional services including, Architecture, Landscaping, Open space, Commercial, Education and Tourism.

With specialist consultants, representatives and installers situated around Australia, we are positioned to provide services from design and concept through to complete installation. We provide a comprehensive array of play and recreational products to match the needs of our customers and their customers. Our broad range of recreational products, flexible custom solutions and supporting services allow us to meet the demands of creative design ideas and specific site requirements.

Why choose us?

Imagination Play has a friendly team of trained, qualified playground auditors to ensure all equipment and designs meet Australian Standards, and a creative industrial design team to ensure that a compelling play and fitness space is achieved. Finding the combination of a creative design that will attract users to a play space, balanced with good play value for all users requires a comprehensive understanding of equipment use, age and user suitability, the knowledge of the benefits of each activity as well as the safety and compliance requirements needed to meet Australian Playground Standards is what we do best!




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